Earth Day Sustainability Challenge: A Tip a Week

In celebrating Earth Day this year, we are launching a four-week campaign based on our new book Sustainability Made Simple. There are so many different environmental concerns that our society faces today and it can be overwhelming to know what we can actually do to make a difference. This often paralyzes us from acting at all. Yet, as outlined in our book, there are many ways we can incorporate sustainability into our lives easily, and thus limit how much we contribute to these environmental concerns.

To guide and support efforts to be more sustainable, for the next four weeks (starting tomorrow Sunday, April 23rd) we will introduce a new tip for sustainable living each Sunday. To understand the significance of the tip, we will also examine the context and reasoning behind each, outlining the impact that such a behavior can have on our earth. We challenge you to make a conscious effort in bringing this tip into your life during your week, but we also encourage you to tweak the tip a bit to fit your own lifestyle and routine. We hope that by the end of the four weeks you will have tried (and hopefully continue to try) to make these tips into permanent habits.

More than just trying out new things, we also hope we spark your curiosity and imagination. We encourage you to share the tips with other people in your life, whether at home or at work. Starting a conversation on these issues can lead to more awareness and can bring about more ideas. Throughout our book, we highlight the importance of individuals in sustainability. It all begins with individuals trying to curb their activities that have a negative impact on the environment, but also by speaking out about what is important to them.

Being sustainable is a learning process which even we are still trying to perfect. Knowing which habits we can realistically keep and which we can’t is the first step in being able to make life-long habits that not only reduce our environmental footprint but ultimately aids in the transition to a more sustainable and healthy world. We all know the cliche phrase “Every Day is Earth Day” but how about really trying to live it all year around this year?

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