Our identification as a cooperative or co-op stems from a shared responsibility to move toward a sustainable society and recognition of the valuable work being done by various individuals and organizations around the world. By sharing research-backed insights and resources from these sustainability-minded leaders, The Sustainability Co-Op provides guidance on integrating environmental and social considerations into daily life and understanding the global context in which issues are shaped.

To us, sustainability is understanding causes and effects; it’s long-term thinking rather than short-term; it’s a global and local perspective; it’s about conserving rather than exploiting; it’s realizing that humans are a part of nature, not separate from it; and it’s an opportunity to transform our society for the better.

The Sustainability Co-Op is curated by two editors, Laurèn DeMates and Rosaly Byrd, who work in sustainability and enjoy collaborating with others on articles and events. We have contributed articles to The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, etc. and organized events in San Francisco, NYC, and Florida that brought together individuals, NGOs, local agencies, and companies to inspire new opportunities to shift toward sustainability.


Email: sustainabilitycooperative@gmail.com

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