At The Sustainability Co-Op we strive to understand the interconnectedness between global and local societal needs and environmental concerns. To us, sustainability is redefining progress in order to ensure that these forces are balanced. This entails integrating the true value of natural resources into our society’s institutions in a way that enables citizens of the world to thrive for generations to come. Our identification as a cooperative or co-op stems from the shared responsibility of actors (from local communities, NGOs, and private firms, to individuals, countries, and international institutions) to move society towards sustainability.

By sharing valuable research from these actors as well as our own perspectives and experiences as dedicated professionals, The Sustainability Co-Op seeks to provide realistic and inspiring material. We provide our readers with guidance on integrating environmental and social considerations into daily life and understanding the global context in which issues are shaped. Our focus is on three areas of change: climate change mitigation and adaptation, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and sustainable development. In addition to our own blog, you can also find our material on the Huffington Post and Mind Body Green.

Please email us at sustainabilitycooperative@gmail.com with any questions or if you are interested in contributing a guest post. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram for even more sustainability news, tips, and notifications of new posts (@sustain_cooptve, @sustainability_cooperative).

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