4-Week Sustainability Challenge

To help you be more sustainable without “going off the grid” or making drastic life changes,  we have outlined four weeks of simple tips. These “small changes for big impact” have benefits for the environment as well as your wallet and health. Our hope is that by the end of the four weeks you’ll be on your way to turning these tips into habits.

We challenge you to make a conscious effort to incorporate these tips into your daily life.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

We launched this four-week campaign celebrating Earth Day 2017 and based on our book Sustainability Made Simple. There are so many environmental concerns that our society faces and we know this can be overwhelming. Yet, as outlined in our book, there are many ways we can and should be more sustainable, minimizing how much we contribute to these environmental concerns and supporting the shift toward a sustainable society.

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