Sustainability Challenge Wrap-Up

We have come to the end of our 4-week long Sustainability Challenge – thank you for participating! We hope you gained valuable insight into your environmental footprint and took on new sustainability tips. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here: integrating sustainability into your daily life is a continual improvement process that requires an understanding of what you can and cannot commit to in the long-run, as well as an understanding of the reasons behind certain actions (or inactions). We suggest you incorporate the tips that make the most sense to you and that you can turn into lifelong habits. To us, this is what sustainability is about and these small changes can really add up to a big impact!

As such, we encourage you to continue reducing meat, plastic, and water consumption, as well as cutting down on how much food you throw out. Finding it difficult to stick to? Check out the different ways that some of the participants in our Sustainability Challenge worked to minimalize their footprint these past weeks:

  • Get your colleagues involved in vegetarian lunches to make it fun and easy to cut meat out of your week.
  • To get the most of the water you use, place a bucket or bowl in the sink when washing dishes to then use this water to wash vegetables or watering the garden.
  • Keep reusable bags in the car and bring stainless steel straws and utensils to work/school when you are taking out to avoid unnecessary plastic use.
  • The leaves and stems of some veggies like broccoli and cauliflower don’t have to be thrown out; cook them in a broth or with rice.

Just learning about the Sustainability Challenge? You can join at any time – go ahead and jump right into it! You can also share with your friends and family for extra motivation and encouragement in completing the challenge and turning these tips into habits.

We also love hearing from you! Please let us know how you are stepping it up to meet the challenge, which also helps inspire and inform other challenge participants! Comment on this post, or tag us on Instagram (@sustainability_cooperative) and Twitter (@sustain_cooptve) and add #SustainabilityChallenge or #SustainabilityMadeSimple.

Looking to go further and learn about more ways to be sustainable? Check out our new book, Sustainability Made Simple, which forms the basis of the Sustainability Challenge’s tips.

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