Sustainability Challenge Wrap-Up

We have come to the end of our 4-week long Sustainability Challenge – thank you for participating! We hope you gained valuable insight into your environmental footprint and took on new sustainability tips. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here: integrating sustainability into your daily life is a continual improvement process. To us, this is what sustainability is about and these small changes can really add up to a big impact!

As such, we encourage you to continue reducing meat, plastic, and water consumption, as well as cutting down on how much food you throw out. Looking to go further and learn about more ways to be sustainable? Check out our book, Sustainability Made Simple, which forms the basis of the Sustainability Challenge’s tips.

Participated in the Sustainability Challenge? Share your pictures and stories via comments on this post or through Twitter and Instagram, tagging us (@sustain_cooptve on Twitter and @sustainability_cooperative on Instagram) and including #SustainabilityChallenge or #SustainabilityMadeSimple.

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