Sustainability Reads: January 13- January 19

China considers national pollution permit trading
China’s environmental ministry is considering market mechanisms to regulate air pollution, specifically a nationwide trading system for pollution permits. In a country that pushes for continuous economic growth, environmental regulations have been lax and almost existent and as a result air pollution has been at an all time high. Local pollution permit initiatives have been seen around the country, yet to little avail. A national trading scheme would help in legitimizing the permits and harmonize these efforts.  From the Clean Revolution and originally published on CleanBiz Asia.

Top 10 Reasons Why 2014 Will Be the Year of Shareable Cities
The last year we have seen the emergence and popularity of a sharing economy within cities, in an attempt to gain more benefits with fewer resources. The sharing of bikes, cars, public spaces, meeting rooms, gardens etc, do not only allow us to become more efficient in terms of resources, but they also create the sense of community that is often lacking in our cities today. This article provides various reasons for why 2014 is the year for shareable cities, including the fact that “City budgets aren’t increasing. Collaborative consumption is about efficient resource utilization and sustainability. It enables cities to “do more with less.” By April Rinne and posted on Sustainable Brands.

How Close is the World to $1 Trillion in Renewable Energy Investments?
Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC Christiana Figueres recently urged financial institutions to triple clean energy investments order to achieve a goal of $1 trillion a year in clean energy. But how likely is this? Is it feasible? According to Ceres, this is possible. This article looks at what Ceres proposes to achieve this goal. The main thing, Ceres says, is that businesses, investors, and policymakers must join together. Article by Brandon Baker at EcoBusiness.

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