Sustainability Reads: June 5- June 18

In the past few weeks, California has signed two climate change cooperation agreements: one with China and one with Germany. California isn’t the only one stepping it up on climate though: the new website documents all the sub-national entities (e.g. cities, states, and companies) that have joined forces to meet the greenhouse gas reduction targets the U.S. committed to as part of the Paris Agreement. As the official U.S. involvement unfolds, a key concern remains: the funds needed to help developing countries mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Apple issues $1 billion green bond after Trump’s Paris climate exit

Most of the big tech companies including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple have made it clear that they are already “in” to take on climate change and align to the Paris Agreement. Apple just sent the world a strong signal showing they will take action: a $1 billion green bond to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in their own facilities and supply chain. This bond follows up Apple’s first green bond of $1.5 billion, which was offered last year and resulted in a robot that takes apart iPhones and recovers materials for recycling. By Reuters on Venture Beat.

5 Things to Know About The Youth-Led Climate Lawsuit Against Trump

In the lawsuit Juliana et al. v United States et al. 21 kids are suing the federal government and fossil fuel industry groups like the American Petroleum Institute (API) for inaction on climate change. They argue that their constitutional right to life, liberty, and property is denied and worsened by ignoring climate change. The lawsuit has been working its way through the courts and received a favorable ruling on June 8th as a federal judge denied the defendants a specific type of appeal. The lawsuit will continue to move forward and evolve, but here are five things you should know now:

  1. The lawsuit was launched under the Obama administration
  2. Ten of the youth are of color
  3. State-level litigation has already seen some success
  4. These types of cases are growing more common around the world
  5. Industry defendants are trying to withdraw from the case.

By Yessenia Funes on Colorlines.

At The Sustainability Co-op, we have been quite active the past few weeks: We hosted two sustainability events in Florida and one in New York City, which included signing copies of our book, Sustainability Made Simple. We also chatted about the book with the local Florida NPR radio station, WFIT. We want to thank everyone for their support at these events and are excited to share pictures and stories soon!

Tip of the Week: Do you know who your state representatives are and how they vote on environmental topics? The League of Conservation Voters has a great resource called the National Environmental Scorecard that scores members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives based on how they have voted on environmental issues. Check it out to learn more about your own representatives!

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