Sustainability Reads: April 10- April 23

For the first time on record, human-caused climate change has rerouted an entire river
A study published Monday in the journal Nature shows that the first ever large-scale river has been reorganized due to climate change. Glaciers and ice sheets are retreating in response to global warming and as a result, a river (and thus lake) that receives water from a glacier in Canada’s Yukon has been rerouted, channeling freshwater to the Pacific Ocean south of Alaska, rather than to the Bering Sea. Communities on Kluane Lake, Yukon’s largest lake, are having to adjust to lower water levels as the lake’s water level continues to drop. Researchers have termed the phenomenon “rapid river piracy,” which demonstrates how sudden and quick climatic impacts can occur. By Chris Mooney at The Washington Post.

The Paris Agreement: Should the U.S. Stay or Should It Go?
The U.S should stay in the Paris Agreement! Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Advances U.S. Strategic Interests: there are 194 signatories to the Agreement, including major players like China, India and the European Union, withdrawing would create problems, further isolate U.S.
  2. Supports U.S. Business Interests: 600+ companies and investors urged President Trump to remain in the Paris Agreement, seeing the opportunity to innovate climate-friendly solutions
  3. Is Good for American Jobs: the growing, renewable energy sector employed 800,000 Americans in 2016 (coal with its health risks = only 160,000)
  4. Will Enable the U.S. to Advance Climate Issues: ensuring rules are fair and accountable for all parties
  5. Is What Most Americans Want: 7/10 Americans want the U.S. to participate

By David Waskow and Andrew Light at World Resources Institute.

The Best And Worst Cans Of Tuna, Based On Sustainability
Greenpeace has released its 2017 Tuna Shopping Guide, which ranks the top tuna brands based on sustainable fishing practices, transparency, and corporate social responsibility. Top 5 worst canned tuna manufactureres to stay away from? StarKist, H-E-B, Walmart, Bumble Bee, Trader Joe’s and Chicken of the Sea. Best canned tuna based on sustainability? Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna, American Tuna, Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value, and Ocean Naturals. Check out the link to see the ranking of your canned tuna and to learn more about the each brand’s practices.

Check out where, outside of The Sustainability Co-Op’s own site, our work has been featured (or our book has been shared) these past two weeks:

  • Why The March For Science And People’s Climate March Are Important by us and published on the Huffington Post
  • RIO+ Centre’s Own Team Member Releases New Book on Sustainability by UNDP World Centre for Sustainable Development (RIO+ Centre)
  • Celebrating Earth Day with Sustainability Made Simple Book Review + Giveaway! on Enthusiastic About Life
  • Sustainability Made Simple review on Booklist:
    • “Simply put, sustainability is the practice of treating the environment with respect, of being conscious of the use and replenishment of natural resources, and of incorporating ecologically sound practices into every aspect of modem existence. Well, maybe it’s not so simple after all. What with climate change, species extinction, resource depletion, and environmental pollution the challenges of achieving a sustainable lifestyle may seem overwhelming. By linking global concerns to local implementation, Byrd and DeMates take a comprehensive yet straightforward approach as they debunk and demystify misconceptions surrounding sustainability. Looking at such regular activities as grocery shopping, household cleaning, gardening, and traveling, the authors offer practical advice regarding small but essential changes that can be easily adopted. Helpful sidebars list environmentally sound companies and products, pinpoint specific behaviors, and highlight current trends. With the potential for the reversal of current progressive environmental policies and regulations in the near future, individual actions are more important than ever before. An essential guidebook for anyone who wants to make a different.”

It has been a month since our book Sustainability Made Simple: Small Changes for Big Impact has been published, and we have sold almost 1,000 copies! Thank you all for your support, we are so happy to be able share our journey in sustainability with the world! You can order your own copy here with discount code RLFANDF30! Also, don’t forget to check out the Sustainability Events we will be hosting in May and June!

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