Sustainability Reads: March 13- March 26

WMO Statement on the Status of the Global Climate in 2016
The World Meteorological Organization released its 2016 Statement on the Status of the Global Climate this past week, in the lead-up to World Meteorological Day. According to the statement, 2016 was 1.1 degrees Celsius above the postindustrial period temperatures, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached new highs, and extreme and unusual weather trends occurring and continuing into 2017. Scientists have warned that the world must stay under 1.5-2 degrees warming to avoid irreversible climatic changes.

C7YTtVlWwAAsuKA.jpg large
(Image from WMO Statement on the Status of the Global Climate)

These maps show what Americans think about climate change
The annual Yale survey asks individuals across the U.S. various questions about climate change. Noteworthy findings this year:

  • 70% of survey respondents acknowledge that global warming is, in fact, happening
  • 70% believe the U.S. should not withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement
  • 66% believe we should cut our greenhouse gas output with or without the treaty
  • 82% agree we should fund research into renewable energy
  • 58% say they are actually worried about climate change

More localized results are also available here. Study by Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, article on

Americans Ate 19% Less Beef From ’05 to ’14, Report Says
A new study illustrates the achieved and potential benefits of addressing climate change by eating less beef. Americans cut beef consumption by 19%— nearly one-fifth —from 2005 to 2014, reducing emissions equivalent to taking 39 million cars off the road. Some extra motivation to go for Meatless Monday this week! Study by Natural Resources Defense Council, article in the New York Times.

Mars, Nestlé, Mondelēz Pledge to End Deforestation in Cocoa Supply Chain
We often associate deforestation with the production of palm oil, beef, and soy, but what about cocoa? The global demand for chocolate is deforestation, especially in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, the two largest producers of cocoa beans. The world’s manufacturers of chocolate recently met with Prince Charles in a meeting to discuss the issue of deforestation due to cocoa production and Mars, Nestlé, Mondelēz and Hershey, the largest manufacturers of chocolate, pledged to bring a halt to deforestation and degradation due to the chocolate industry. By Leon Kaye on

Quote of the Week: “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”-Robert Swan

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