Sustainability Reads: January 23- February 5

With the U.S. executive branch putting into place serious threats to people, the environment, and science, the past two weeks have been intense. Yet so many organizations, individuals, and even countries are giving us reason to be optimistic for the future. Check out these stories that motivate us to keep the sustainability momentum going.

“Rogue” Science Agencies Defy Trump Administration on Twitter
Various federal agencies and offices have gone “rogue,” defying the Trump administration’s order to restrict public communication by these agencies. In response to the restrictions, the official Badlands National Park Twitter account posted several unauthorized tweets about climate change, motivating the @AltNatParkSer Twitter account to be created. Rogue EPA and NASA accounts popped up shortly after, including @altUSEPA and @RogueNASA. The “rogue” accounts share facts related to climate change and call for more rigorous government support of science-based policies related to the environment. They also have hundreds of thousands of followers despite only being created in January.

March for Science and People’s Climate Movement Scheduled
The March for Science will be held Saturday, April 22 (Earth Day) and is “a celebration of our passion for science and a call to support and safeguard the scientific community.” The following Saturday, April 29, is the People’s Climate Movement, a “march for jobs, justice, and the climate.” The main events will be in Washington D.C., with sister events taking place around the world.

Corporations: Unlikely Heroes in America’s Quest for Climate Action
Nearly half of America’s Fortune 500 companies have set climate or renewable energy goals, according to this article. That’s a lot! This article sketches out how corporate social responsibility has evolved over the years including the more recent use of science-based goals and a more formalized support for climate policy. Over 700 companies documented their support for the Paris Agreement through an open letter to the government and over 65 have joined forces to significantly shift energy markets towards renewables by signing the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles. By Marty Spitzer on Triple Pundit.

News From Around the World

India banned plastic disposable items in its capital city of New Delhi and Ireland passed a bill to stop all investments in coal and oil. Even financial markets illustrate the momentum for sustainability: 2016 was a record year for green bonds, which finance climate and other environmental projects. In 2016, green bonds worth $81 billion were issued globally, up 92% from 2015.

Tip for the week ahead: Are you interested in a specific aspect of sustainability? Say keeping your local coastal area clean or reducing food waste? Look for organizations in your community that are dedicated to these issues and see what you can do to get involved.

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