Sustainability Reads: October 12- October 18

New IPCC chief calls for fresh focus on climate solutions, not problems
We are excited to report that the new leader of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) called for the panel’s approach and research to be more solutions-oriented. This includes moving beyond long reports that are great science but not extremely useful for governments and businesses trying to address climate change. Lee wants businesses and governments to become more involved in IPCC reports and emphasized his belief in and support for a price on carbon as a solution. Lee was elected to lead the IPCC this month, was one of the panel’s three vice-chair for many years, and is the first new leader in 13 years. By Suzanne Goldenberg from The Guardian.

Sweden Aspires To Become The World’s First Fossil Fuel–Free Nation
The Swedish government is building the framework to achieve its aspiration in becoming the world’s first fossil fuel-free nation. At the end of September, the government announced that it will be spending an extra $546 million on renewable energy and climate change action. The country’s investment in photovoltaics is supposed to increase nearly eightfold to 390 million kronor per year between 2017 and 2019, while coal mines are being sold off. Last year, Sweden announced plans to make Stockholm, the country’s capital, fossil fuel–free by 2050.  By Cynthia Shahan at CleanTechnica.

Paris 2015: Global climate pledges point to 3 degrees of warming, Europe says
The submission of countries’ Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) over the past few months have been inspiring with INDCs now representing 90 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. However, according to the European Commission, the INDCs submitted just aren’t enough. With the committed reductions actually achieved, we are still on track to experience a 3 degree Celsius warming. Originally by Barbara Lewis at Reuters, re-posted at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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