Sustainability Reads: June 16- June 22

Obama proposes vast expansion of Pacific Ocean sanctuaries for marine life
On Tuesday, President Obama announced that he intended to make a large portion of the central Pacific Ocean off-limits to fishing, energy exploration, and other activities. It will create the world’s largest ocean preserve, as it will expand the current preserve (called the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument). The proposal will be implemented later this year.  By Juliet Eilperin at the Washington Post.

Successful UN Talks at Bonn Pave Path to Paris 2015
After the most recent UN climate talks, a draft treaty will be released next month regarding international climate action. This progress offers hope that the Paris 2015 negotiations will an ambitious treaty can be achieved. Low carbon leadership was a main focus at the talks, providing examples from city of Malmö, Sweden which has adopted policies to be carbon neutral by 2020, with a target of 100% renewable energy by 2030 as well as Brazil’s submission of forestry emissions data to the UN (it was the first developing country to do so).  Posted on the Climate Group.

Much Talked About Myths about Renewable Energy
This article busts eight outlines of renewable energy that we all have heard before. A great read for cocktail conversations and also provides you ammo against the next person that decides to claim that renewable energy cannot supply electricity 24/7. On the Energy Collective.

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