Sustainability Reads: May 26- June 1

State & Trends Report Charts Global Growth of Carbon Pricing
You know we love market-based mechanisms here at The Sustainability Co-Op and carbon pricing is the best of the best. This report offers map and story behind current trends, which are looking good! Highlights:

  • Globally, 39 national and 23 sub-national jurisdictions have implemented or are scheduled to implement carbon pricing instruments, including emissions trading systems and taxes.
  • The world’s emissions trading schemes are valued at about $30 billion, with China now housing the world’s second largest carbon market, covering the equivalent of 1,115 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The World Bank Group and others are encouraging countries, sub-national jurisdictions, and companies to join a growing coalition of first movers supporting carbon pricing. World Bank.

100 Biggest Power Producers on Track to Meet new EPA Standards
Last week we discussed Obama’s plan to use executive authority to curb CO2 emissions from existing power plants through regulation written by the EPA. Official announcement is tomorrow, Monday, June 2nd and we expect many parties to weigh in throughout the week as the move is the most extensive that President can make without going through Congress. This report shows that the 100 biggest producers (which cover 86% power and 87% emissions) are very likely to be able meet these standards. The industry has made incredible reductions in emissions already: 2012 data shows that CO2 emissions decreased 13% between 2008 and 2012 and reductions in nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide down 74% and 78% compared to 1990 levels. Map illustrates emissions by state with Idaho, Maine, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington emitting the least. Thus, EPA standards are realistic and will not have the adverse effects as opponents would like to believe, but instead will reduce emissions further and encourage investments in low-carbon alternatives. Trend of producers towards emission reductions support Obama’s bold decision to use executive authority. By Ceres.

Video: Does Sustainability Have any value?
Discussion between Tim Ryan of PWC and Andrew Winston, founder of Winston Eco Strategies consulting firm; facilitated by Fortune magazine. Moderator asking some great questions, as well as Mindy Luber from Ceres in the crowd. Conversation provides a look into the current state of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the U.S. Including balancing long-term and short-term value, materiality, the difficulty in valuing social impact, and trends in investor’s requests for disclosure around sustainability. By Fortune.

On another note, if you are in NYC before August 24th, 2014 definitely check out the exhibition Submerged Motherlands by street artist Swoon at the Brooklyn Museum. Installation is gorgeous and inspired by climate change, esp. Hurricane Sandy.

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