Sustainability Reads: December 23- December 29

2013′s Best Sharing Economy Concepts
We love the take-off of the ‘sharing economy’ this year. Take a look at the top shares: bikesharing, car sharing, crowdfunding, mealsharing, educational resource sharing, solar investment, and accommodation sharing. The future is sharing! By Jan Lee on Triple Pundit.

Development Cooperation in 2013
Nice summary of the world of international development this year. My takeaways:

  • Organizations are restructuring and reforming; especially noteworthy are the World Bank management changes -interesting to see effects in 2014
  • Emphasis on ‘going local’-  wonderful since adapting to the locality is one of the critiques of huge international organizations
  • Increased engagement with the private sector- Great, we love multi-stakeholder partnerships. By Rolf Rosenkranz on Devex.

New York Green Bank Launch 2014
Green Bank responds to the need for new financing models to address climate change (which we discussed in our post a few months ago). Governor confirmed the initial USD $210M investment with an eventual $1B to invest with private sector in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other low-carbon technology projects. Loans and other instruments in 2014. Goals: increase capital available to clean energy markets, reduce need for clean energy subsidies, job growth, and improve air quality. This will be interesting to observe as bank gets up and running. By Jessica Shankleman on

Audio: Could Big Batteries be Big Business in California?
Batteries are needed to stabilize fluctuations of supply and demand into the grid and answer many of the upcoming concerns with a greater supply of energy from alternatives. California’s energy storage plan creates private sector incentives for innovation when it comes to bigger, better batteries to meet these needs. Another situation to keep an eye on that will guide other states. On NPR.

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