Sustainability Reads: 12/2-12/8

“Exxon, Shell and BP operating internal carbon prices”

Internal carbon pricing is a valuable next step in companies’ CSR programs and just good business by minimizing risk. Article answers the 4W’s and an H about internal carbon pricing based on recently released CDP report. Article by Kate Sheppard at the Huffington Post.

“Bloomberg LP Unveils New Tool to Measure the Risk of ‘Un-Burnable Carbon”

The economic impact of carbon constraints on companies can now be measured with Bloomberg LP’s new tool in a way to assess the financial risks of climate change.  This is the first tool of its kind and it will also allow companies to determine the impact that “un-burnable” carbon will have on stock prices and earnings. By being able to quantify this risk, companies can develop management practices accordingly and more disclosure standards and requirements can emerge.  Posted at the Climate Group.

“Sustainable food certification gets real”

Article explores next step in the farm to table, sustainable restaurant movement: A neutral, third-party certification system. Pilot project from Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership (REAL) program in D.C. hopes to leverage certification to national scale. Certification has been a necessary step for various areas of sustainability including LEED certified buildings, U.S.D. A Certified Organic foods and products, and FSC certified sustainability sourced wood products. On

“Obama Orders Federal Government To Triple Its Use Of Renewable Energy”

Federal agencies to increase renewable energy goal  7.5% to 20% by 2020 per executive order. Getting government agencies to reduce its carbon footprint is a first step in establishing a low-carbon economy in the United States. By Matthew Daley at the Huffington Post.

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