Beautiful & Informative Marine-Focused Documentaries with Beneath the Waves Film Festival 2013

By Rosaly Byrd.

My dad recently attended this great event called Beneath the Waves Film Festival back in my home town and was able to share with me some of the fantastic short documentaries and films that he got to see.  In an attempt to engage and inform the general public about marine-focused research conducted by scientists around the world, Beneath the Wave Film Festival travels around the world showing documentaries and films produced by scientists and filmmakers all related to the ocean and marine conservation (to see the dates and locations for the rest of the fall tour, click here).

I was able to check out some of the documentaries through the website and thought I would share one of them with The Sustainability Co-Op. Austin Humphries from Rhodes University won the “People’s Choice Award” with his documentary “Mikono ya Wavuvi (In Fishermen’s Hands)”. Humphries outlines his experience in a coastal community in Kenya, where locals have found themselves with a problem of overfishing, the main source of subsistence for the community. In order to address the issue, local fishermen have come together to establish “tengefu” or community-managed areas that are preserved and let fish live and reproduce in an attempt to allow for sustainable fishing in other areas. Although “tengefu” has seen opposition from other fishermen, the program is a great example of community-based conservation, a form of resource management often adopted by political scientists, environmentalists and economic development specialists in a way to allow for sustainable development while giving locals the authority to maintain and administrate conservation.

There are so many more informative and beautiful documentaries, I recommend checking them out at Beneath the Wave Film Festival’s site for more.

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