Sustainability Reads: October 6- October 13

“5 ways companies are making packaging more sustainable”
Here at the Sustainability Co-Op we believe in the power of business to move the sustainability agenda forward and especially multi-stakeholder partnerships and industry organizations that bring together resources and expertise for innovation. This article comes out of a fall member meeting of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a private-NGO partnership to reduce the environmental effects of packaging. It provides a glimpse into best practice in packaging and raises the bar to what we can expect as consumers. Article by Danielle Peacock with GreenBlue as published on

“One Thing Obama Can Do: Decide The Fate Of The Keystone Pipeline”
This is a great audio recording from NPR about what the Keystone XL Pipeline really is, what it means to climate change, and the consequences of different policies toward it. It explains why environmentalists are focusing so much on publicizing the Keystone Pipeline and bringing it to President Obama’s desk. It also describes possible U.S. political actions and what the Canadians think. You can listen to the story when you’re on the road or read the transcript when at home. NPR interview with The New Yorker journalist Ryan Lizza.

“What DIBs can learn from the carbon market”
This is a an essential breakdown of the carbon market and with the premise of lessons learned to refine the development of other market based approaches to social and environmental issues. The increasingly discussed Development Impact Bonds (DIBs) are explored, which are interesting and important in their own right, but the lessons from the carbon market extend beyond DIBs to the development of any market based mechanisms so this is definitely a worthy read. Original article by Overseas Development Institute (ODI), link to article above edited by Devex.

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